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Moths are often smaller with dull-coloured wings, in contrast to butterflies, which are normally larger and have vibrant designs on their wings. Only a small number of the world’s many moth species penetrate homes. In Perth and the surrounding areas, moths have been severely damaging clothing and carpeting. It is a major issue to have these annoying pests in the house. Therefore, you must act immediately to get rid of them.

Preventive Pest Control is here to help you avoid this by providing the most promising treatments that can rid your property of moths. With a strategic approach, these moth control services will assist you in getting positive results. We can help you to get rid of these bugs and moths and their infection more quickly by using advanced techniques and modern equipment. We provide highly rated moth control treatments that are incredibly innovative. Our services consistently earn the entire satisfaction of people throughout Perth who depend on us.

Here Are A Few Moth Types And Their Symptoms and Signs!

There are a few typical household moths among the many thousands of moths that inhabit the nation. There are many different kinds of moths that can enter your home. Every single one is unique from the others. Moths come in a variety of types due to their nature. Here are some of them:

  • Pantry moths.
  • Brown House Moths.
  • Cloth moths.
  • White Moths.
  • Luna Moths.
  • Mediterranean flour moths.

Different moth species have distinctive qualities that can be used to recognize them from one another.

The types and symptoms to watch out for are listed below:

1.  Clothes Moths: Unlike other moths, clothes moths are photophobic; therefore you won’t see them flying around close to light sources. You should check your clothing for damage done by the larva that is feeding to determine whether there is a clothes moth infestation. You can take the essential steps for cloth moth control to stop the problem from getting worse. And it’s essential, particularly for commercial clothing companies.

2.  Pantry Moths: The light attracts pantry moths, not clothing moths. Since they frequently fly near lights at night, it is relatively simple to identify them. Food that has been tampered with and may contain nests, living larvae, or webbing is another obvious indication of a pantry moth infestation. Thus, you frequently see pantry moths in and near cafes, food stores, and pantries. 

3.  Brown House Moths: You can observe brown house moths all year round. They are the most active mostly in summertime. Brown House Moths are typically found in housing units in pantries, rugs, and clothes, as well as in crawl spaces, cupboards, rooftop spaces, and lofts, even though they are classified as pantry moths. 

4.  White Moths: The stings of white moths are well known to cause minor skin irritations. However, none of them is known to carry a toxin that would be dangerous to humans. They are not considered to be particularly aggressive insects, and when touched, they frequently fly away. Also, consume everything made of plants, including wood and other natural products. They can live beneath the leaves and eat the plants’ leaves to survive.

5.  Luna Moths: Luna moths are mostly active during the night. Like other moths, they can occasionally be seen during the day. Although they are most frequently seen in dense forests and woodland places, Luna moths can be drawn to well-lit locations at night. The moth infestation is now possible if you have indoor plants that you have planted yourself. Then you need to take extra care to keep them away.

6.  Mediterranean Flour Moths: The Mediterranean flour moth can be seen on a wide range of foods, including flour, grain remnants, and different entire grains. This insect still blocks machinery with its webbing and occasionally causes grain mills to shut down. The frequency of a Mediterranean flour moth has significantly decreased in recent years due to the usage of fumigants. Fumigants greatly increase the likelihood of removing them. This works well to help get rid of Mediterranean flour moths.

Identify The Damage That Moths Can Cause To Your Property

Even if owners hardly ever notice moths all around the property, this does not mean that the pests are gone. In simple words, a lot of moths prefer to collect in isolated, gloomy areas. Moths do expensive damage while hiding in pantries, attics, and closets, where infestations can quickly become out of control. Having a moth infestation can result in the following damages:

1. They might damage your pricey rugs, carpets, and clothes.

2. They can harm wood furniture because they eat viscose and other natural fibres.

3. You can even face bad publicity if there is a moth issue in a corporate location.

4. Your family and you may contract illnesses repeatedly.

5. As a further measure of defence, they even release very toxic venom at numerous locations around the property.

6. The stains they leave on pricey fur coats and clothing can be difficult to remove.

7. It is obvious that they eat the food and pollute it because they do it frequently.

The Procedures Our Team Follows For Moth Control

·         Inspection: A thorough inspection is required to identify the infestation’s root cause and determine its point of origin. This will make it easier to recognize the situation. Immediately following the inspection, our staff will produce a report outlining the extent of the infestation. This will even help in the delivery of a successful treatment during moth control services.

·         Chemical Solutions: Depending on the type of moth nesting, pest control professionals will now provide a wide range of chemical remedies that are customized to the particular moth infestation. Use our highly specialized services if you need moth control support.

·         Moth Control: Using our moth management services, you may get rid of both the larval and adult stages of the pest. If you need help with them but are unsure how to approach them, we are available to help!

·         Eradication of Carpet Moths: Our carpet moth eradication experts will help you get the best services. By actively reducing the carpet moth population, pest control treatment will help!

·         Eradicating Pantry Moths: Our pantry moth extermination services can assist you to get rid of pantry moths that will actively eat through your pantry.

Guidance On Moth Prevention

In addition to providing moth control services, our specialists are available to offer you suggestions on how to keep moths out of your home. Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • All of the access sites, such as window seams, need to be properly blocked and sealed.
  • Another crucial step is to package the food in airtight containers, which helps to prevent them from accessing food sources.
  • Don’t forget to regularly clean out the trash and debris.
  • It’s critical to keep an eye out for the early warning symptoms of a moth infestation and treat them quickly before they spread rapidly.

We Provide Moth Control Treatment, Across Perth

Any commercial or residential property can use our pest control services to get rid of moths. Therefore, you save time by not having to look in various places. We provide all services through one business. With the help of the most recent techniques, our team of knowledgeable specialists can efficiently get rid of moths. As a result, you’ll be able to get the best outcomes possible to rid your home of pests. We can provide our services anywhere, whether it is a business area like a mall, a hotel, etc., or a residential region. Therefore, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us to book your session.

Give Us A Call To Us If You Need Moth Control Urgently!

It is crucial to get moth control services from a certified business if you want to proceed with your plans. Emergency services fall under the same umbrella. It’s critical to get solutions from reputable providers in case of an emergency. Because of this, get in touch with us to use our urgent moth control services today. You can contact us for the greatest outcomes and efficient relief in an urgent situation whether it involves a carpet moth infestation. As carpet moths are typically found in most homes, our moth control team is particularly worried about this.

Why Preventive Pest Control Is Preferred For Moth Control Treatments?

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for moth control services. In terms of getting the desired results, our services are the greatest. Our team is here to provide the finest to clients across Perth using the best products and effective techniques. Hire us right away to receive the top services without creating trouble. The following standout characteristics of our business are incredibly rare:

  • Licensed Moth Control Services: We only employ the most effective and verified moth control techniques.
  • Skilled Team: The best-qualified staff members do our moth control services, which makes them productive.
  • ·Emergency Services: You can still use our services even if you schedule a booking on an urgent basis. Since we provide our services even without a notice.
  • Affordable Pricing: By hiring our services, you can save money because the cost of moth pest control is low and available at a discount.
  • After Check: We even provide after-check services upon our client’s request. Making sure there are no pest-related remains is the purpose of this.
  • Local Perth Team: Our group is locally owned and provides services around Perth. Therefore, it is simple for you to use our services.

We Are Reachable, In All Areas Of Perth And Its Suburbs!

We have some highly talented teams who are spread throughout Perth. Therefore, it is crucial to contact our moth control experts, who offer services that are very rapid and highly effective. Our experts are always ready to take on the work in and around Perth, including the suburbs. With the use of top services that are specific to your needs. All of our services are of high quality, and the price for moth removal is also very affordable. This makes it simpler for you to use our services because it will be more affordable for you.


How often do moth infestations arise?

Moth infestation frequency always depends on several factors. Therefore, it’s crucial to watch out for any moth infestation indications and symptoms. You can use this to monitor the moth infestation’s regularity. Based on this, you can take the appropriate steps to avoid unwanted circumstances.

What kinds of things do moths infest?

These could include dried flowers, tea, birdseed, and food for animals. Always look in the folds of clothes and paper products, nearby drawers, paper under shelves, and other areas. For a week the freezer will kill the larvae and eggs of pantry moths.

How long will it take you to complete the entire task?

This entirely depends on where on your property there are moths and how bad the infestation is. It is also depending on several other things. But once we start the procedure, it is usually finished in 2-4 hours.

Do you apply eco-friendly products?

Since all of the items we use are harmless to the environment and do not contain any harsh chemicals, you, your family, and the environment will all be protected by their use. Moreover, as they don’t contain any dangerous chemicals, the items we use are eco-friendly.