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    Preventive Pest Control

    Reliable Pest Inspection & Treatment Company: Best Services & Guaranteed Results

    Preventive Pest Control is here to help you in any case of pest issue. We are pest controllers who provide services to all cities in Australia. We are known professional pest controllers who are eligible to provide commercial and residential pest control services.

    Moreover, we always update the pest inspection and control equipment with the service procedure because we can understand that pests can develop resistance to old methods and pesticides. We always use the latest and most eco-friendly pesticides to get guaranteed results.

    We are known to provide services for cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, Pest , possums, fleas and rats. We inspect the whole property before we apply any pesticide or any method to a property. Therefore, you can call us for the best Pest Inspection And Control Services.

    Get Rid Of Pest

    Real Experts Are Working With Preventive Pest Control Company, Get The Best Help Timely

    We have all resources to kill and remove Pestfrom your homes and properties. Choose us for services and keep your surroundings Pest-free.

    How We Make Your Property Protected From The Pest Infestation

    The professional techniques are the reason for our company being effective and efficient in protecting your property from pest infestation. We follow simple rules as per the customer policies and always try to give the best treatment to make your property pest-free. We do many things which include the following:

    Inspection Of The Area

    First of all, we do inspect the property to detect the level of pest infestation. We try to detect the form of a pest that is infesting your home.


    We are available for the fumigation process. This is effective to protect the home from various pests. We can fumigate the whole property. This forces pests to come out from their hidden places on your property. It kills moths, spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, and cockroaches.

    Pesticides Spray

    We have a facility for pesticide spray. We have equipment and pesticides so that we can spray and make your property pest-free. We spray all corners of your property and every suspected area.

    Heat Treatment

    Heat treatment is very effective to remove the bed bug infestation. If you are looking for bed bug removal services, you can book our heat treatment.

    Baits And Repellents

    We have Pest Baits and Repellents that are used to remove cockroaches and Pest as well as to protect your house from the ant infestation.

    Dead Pest Removal

    After treating the pest-infested area, we also do the task of dead pest removal for your convenience. You can also call us to remove pests which have died because of any reason.

    Possum Box Installation

    If you are dealing with a possum attack on your property, we are here to provide the possum box installation. We also offer possum removal services with professionally trained pest controllers.

    Pest Prevention Tips

    We are supposed to give pest prevention tips to all. So, in future, you can protect your home from unnecessary pest infestation and pest attacks with these tips. You can call us to learn some impressive tips.

    Pest Control Services That We Have For All

    Whether the pest is at your commercial or residential properties, we are here to help you in any case of pests. We have different kinds of equipment, plan, and treatment for killing, removing or controlling pest infestation on your property. We can offer you the following pest control services.

    Cockroach Control

    We remove cockroaches and their eggs from the house to maintain the cleanliness of your home. We use effective treatments for cockroach control. We can easily control German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches and Australian Cockroaches.

    Possum Removal

    We have a possum removal service because possums are nasty creatures that cannot be controlled easily. You can choose us as your service provider to have professionals for the possum removal services. We can remove all possum species found in Australia.

    Moth Control

    Moths are small pests and can affect your clothes and foods. They can ruin the pantry items so don’t ignore them and take an instant action to call our professional pest controllers. We have a fumigation service that is very effective against moths.

    Flea Control

    We are available to provide flea control services with our professionals. We attempt to remove the fleas from your property. We use pesticides and repellents to control the flea infestation on your property. We safely treat the area near your pets.

    Bed Bug Control

    Bed bugs are another common pests that cannot be controlled so easily because they lay many eggs at a time and can live many months without feeding on the blood. For sureshot results, you can hire our professional bed bug controllers.

    Wasp Removal

    Wasp removal is also a service that can be hired from Preventive Pest Control. We take care of every precaution while removing the wasp infestation from your house or commercial place. We also consider home safety while controlling wasps along with a wasp nest.

    Ant Control

    Ant infestation is a big problem for house owners. They are small but they can even ruin the pulses and grains in your home. If you don’t want to ignore the issue, then you can hire our Ant Pest Control Services. We can control pavement ants, black ants, red ants and white ants.

    Spider Control

    Spiders can be hazardous. If you are looking for a spider controller, you can contact us. We will remove the spider webs and as well as will give you the perfect spider control services at your doorstep. Our fumigation service works well against spiders. We can easily kill and remove red-back spiders who are the most dangerous among all spiders found in Australia.

    Rodent Control

    If you are looking for rodent pest control services you definitely should try our services. We have effective pesticides and rodenticides to deal with rodent pest issues. We can control rats and mice. Also, we can find their hideouts.

    Flies Control

    Our professionals are also available to offer Flies Pest Control services with beneficial results. We use a fumigation and spray method to remove the flies from your property. Also, we give tips to control the flies so that they cannot enter your property again.

    Bee Removal

    Bees can sting human skin and should be controlled by professionals only. There are so many reasons that hiring a professional bee controller will be safe for your kids as well as for your family members. To hire an expert for safe bee removal services, you can call us now.

    Get Rid Of Pest

    Real Experts Are Working With Preventive Pest Control Company, Get The Best Help Timely

    We have all resources to kill and remove Pest from your homes and properties. Choose us for services and keep your surroundings Pest-free.

    Professional Pest Control Company

    Our Specialities As Professional Pest Control Company

    Our speciality in providing pest control services improves with these facilities. These services add extra reliability and compatibility to our company.

    • Emergency And Same-Day Pest Control: Our pest controllers are available to offer your emergency pest control with the same effective pest treatments that we usually provide to the customers.
    • End Of Lease Pest Control You can avail of end-of-lease pest control from our team. We will be available at the scheduled time because we can truly understand the situation with property rules. It can also help you to get your bond money.
    • Large Area Pest Infestation Treatment No matter what is the property size because we can provide Pest Inspection And Control Services for any large area. By hiring our experts, you can maintain your large commercial and residential spaces pest-free without any stress.
    • Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment We have a trustworthy staff for providing you with eco-friendly pest control treatments. We can treat and control most pests with an eco-friendly option.

    Get Your Booking For Safe Possum Removal and Catching Services

    If you are hiring service providers of Preventive Pest Control, you will get all beneficial services and facilities including possum inspection and catching services. We also relocate the possum and give possum box installation services to the customers. According to the Possum Protection Law (Wildlife Act 1974), we complete the procedure and every task related to the possum pest control services in Australia. You can hire our possum removal services at any time, we will be in your service as soon as possible.

    Why Prefer The Experts At Preventive Pest Control For Various Services?

    Preventive Pest Control has been a popular company because of many reasons. One is that the service providers of our company are popular in providing services according to the terms and conditions. Other reasons are:

    • Good Work We are known for our good work as a pest control service provider and for providing authenticated services to customers. We work skillfully to complete the job.
    • Field Experience Our more than two decades of experience make us more reputable in the pest control industry. And, we try to give the best experience to our customers when they choose us for pest control in Australia.
    • Reasonable Cost Our pest control prices are also reasonable. The service quality is also good and we give our professional services in a better way.
    • Specialization Our specialization in controlling household pests is super because we use specific tools and the latest pesticides in services. Setting pest baits and using pest repellents are also part of our work
    • Availability The availability of our experts is 24/7 for your convenience. Easy booking and timely service are our prime targets.
    Expert Pest Control Service

    Be Safe And Protected From Pests And Their Consequences, Hire Experts Who Never Fail

    Pests are the reason to spread the mess in your house so keep pests away from your property. By removing pests, we ensure that you are protected from the pest attack and the disease caused by pests. This also stops any damage pests can cause. Our pest control methods are also helpful to maintain air quality as we use eco-friendly options. They always try to give satisfactory pest control treatments to the customer.

    Our Pest Control Service Regions In Australia

    Our pest control services are available in Australia and specifically, we are available in regions of Hobart, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane. So, get to us if you want to get commercial and residential pest control with professional pest removal techniques. We have been providing our services in these cities as well as nearby areas.

    Western Australia- Perth

    South Australia: Adelaide

    Northern Territory: Darwin

    Queensland: Brisbane & Gold Coast

    Victoria: Melbourne

    New South Wales: Sydney

    ACT, NSW: Canberra

    Tasmania: Hobart & Launceston

    Preventive Pest Control

    Preventive: An Affordable Company

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    0488 851 508

    Hours of Operation : Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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    It depends on the pest-infested property or the situation. Some pest treatments may only take 30 minutes to 1 hour, and others can take 2 to 5 hours to complete the task. So, always prefer to have a pest inspection service before hiring pest control treatment.

    Generally, cleaning can be done after three to five days after getting the pest treatment. Be sure that you are getting advice for a better result of pest removal service.

    Yes, we are available to remove pests on weekends. We are specialists in End of Lease Flea Treatment, Flea Treatment (Existing infestation), General Pest Treatment and Rodent Treatment.

    Cleaning and sanitation are the simple answers to this question. When they find suitable places and easily available food, they will grow on a property. In many cases, homes are safe hideouts for them. Pests can create problems for you and you have to hire pest control services.
    Pest Control Service



    Professional Pest Control

    17 November 2022

    If anyone is willing to book professional pest control for the wasp removal, it’s best you get connected with them. These experts are perfect to use eco-friendly measures to protect your home from pests with no harm to you and the pets residing on your property.


    Expert Assistance

    17 November 2022

    The expert assistance of these professional pest controllers brings outstanding results at a high-quality level. I am glad that I have chosen this provider for our job. As these professionals are perfectly knowledgeable to use unique and advantageous techniques and methods.


    Best Quality Pest Control

    17 November 2022

    Found the best and most prominent pest control service. The professionals are available on a very short note. Now I don’t need to live with pest infestation, thankfully the experts are available to provide the best quality pest control and removal.



    “I am Trewin. Spiders in my home were causing me and my family some problems. I feared those insects a lot. They were destroying my sleep, and I saw them growing daily. I got in touch with Preventive Pest Control and I am happy to find that my pest issue has been solved.


    “I am Hammond. For a few days, I had a cockroach problem, and I tried everything to get rid of them. My friend recommended Preventive Pest Control. Only once I had to call this company, and the cockroach population has vanished. They solved my pest problems easily.


    “My name is Rawlins. I have been using pest control services from this company to get rid of various pests infesting in my house at different times. The best part is how they look at the problem and describe everything. I now enjoy a pest-free home. I would really love to call them again if there will be pest problems as such in the future.


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