How To Identify & Get Rid Of Termites

Are you annoyed with termites? I know it’s really shocking and difficult to imagine that such a tiny little thing can cause so much destruction to your home. It may damage the wooden structures and furniture, and they can also cause serious issues inside the walls and many more. If you face such, no need worries this serious infestation can be treated and you can do it by yourself too. But it’s always better and safe to consult a professional for hectic-free work as they as the expertise and experience. Now before treating the first step is to identify, let’s see how to identify and get rid of termites:

Get Rid Of Termites

How to identify termites?

The basic features include their shape and sizes, it ranges from half and one inch long varies a lot in colour shades, mostly depending on age and type.

You should never be confused with a termite and an ant, they both may look similar with the same wings and antennae. Now you may wonder how to differentiate, termites have a different body segments three-layered and an equal length wing with a straight antenna. But ants have a totally differentiated wing, and body segment and have a bent antenna. 

There are different types of termites, like the dry wood one, the subterranean termites, the Formosan termites, and many more these vary and so you need to identify them specifically. And a professional has a detailed conception of this, so for treatment, it is best to consult the experts.

A termite has basically had a three-stage development phase, one is the egg, then it is the larva and the third one is the full-grown one. There are various forms of termites like the adult king or queen, then the reproductive, workers, or the soldiers. Let us now see

Which areas do termites infest?

Our houses are the safest and most convenient places for a termite to reside, especially our walls, floors, wooden furniture, decks, and also beams. They are mostly attracted to the cellulose which is present in the wood.

Now you may wonder, how can a lay person identify termites? It is very easy, there are few signs, if you find them in your house, you definitely need treatment. These are the discoloured effect on the walls, hollow sounded wood, paints on the walls that are peeling away, loosening of the tiles, holes in your drywalls, and many such. Now as you know it is very important to treat them, so here are a few tips on how to treat them.

How to remove termites yourself?

There are certain DIYs treatment that is very effective for you to treat termite and protect your belongings from their attacks. You can remove termites on your own if you know how to identify and get rid of termites.

Sunlight: the best way to deal

The most intelligent way to deal is the exposure to the sunlight, termites mostly flourish in the dark and mostly moist conditions, so if put under the sun’s rays for 2 to 3 hours regularly then they cannot reside in your belongs anymore. The reason is this is the best treatment as termites does nit resists the heat and being placed under the sunlight the moisture in the furniture also goes away. This permanently removes the problem with termites.

The treatment with boric acid

Prepare a mixture including cold water, and borax powder put it in a spray bottle, and apply it on the affected areas, also on the areas where you can have the maximum vulnerabilities. It is a very easy and safe but most effective treatment. After a few trials, it removes the termites from your house.

Oil, the most demanding solution

This is another most effective way of treating termites at home, you just need lemon and orange oils as it contains, a d-limonene compound that fights termites and easily kills them by providing your home with a safe environment. This can help you answer the question of how to identify and get rid of termites.

Keep the soil and the wood apart

According to the professionals, there should be a distance of around 8 inches between the soil areas like gardens, parks, etc, and your house. As termites can attack the footings of your houses.

Moreover, these are a few tips to get rid of termites, and also to prevent your house from termites, but sometimes mistakes do occur. And if you still find it difficult to handle termites, contact a professional it is always a safe option.

How do professionals kill termites?

Now there are different ways they deal with it, they are the experts, and they have a certain amount of experience in the work. So, they treat differently depending on the variation of the termite. Like sometimes they use, borax powder or make a solution of fipronil and hexaflumuron. As these chemicals are specially prepared to kill the termites that you are annoyed or troubled with. So, if you find any such things nothing to worry just call a professional, they will remove the termites from your home easily and will clean the area so that you do not get any further problems.


Termites can be really distressing and can make your home a mess. But now it is not a problem, where you know how to identify them and treat them. Also, you can call professionals for help. We hope you received the answer to your question about how to identify and get rid of termites.