Best Pest Control Tips and Tricks to Keep Pests Away

Pests are notorious little creatures. They generally reside in your house in dark and shaded areas. Pests include all kinds of insects like cockroaches, flies, termites, moths, fleas etc. Different kinds of pests bring different kinds of diseases. These infections or diseases caused by them can be severe and can also put your life in danger. The recommended way to get rid of them is to try on a few pest control DIYs or to call a professional pest control service. But there are some preventive measures you can take before calling them. Here are some best pest control tips and tricks to keep pests away.

Best Pest Control Tips
  1. Clean Your Kitchen Regularly

Pests thrive in moist and dirty places. Your kitchen is the most important part of your house. This is where your food is made and later on ingested by you. If that food is even slightly contaminated it can cause health issues. Mostly you’ll suffer from food poisoning, stomachache, typhoid etc. If the food is highly contaminated then it will be life-threatening for you. So clean your countertops, fridge, and shelves with any disinfectant of your choice. Always wipe your counter clean after using it. 

  1. Prevent Keeping Groceries Out For Too Long

These pests are more likely to attack the fruits and vegetables you have left outside. In search of food, they will be attracted by the food left behind. Prevent cutting fruits or anything and leaving them outside. Even the bigger insects will be attracted by the smell of it. This can lead to a full-blown pest infestation. 

  1. Dispose of The Garbage Regularly

As mentioned before pests thrive in dirty and dark places. Food left in your garbage cans will not only attract pests but can also be the reason for rodents or rats’ presence in your house. It’s also advised to clean out the garbage every day. Rotten food too can be a big source of bacterial infections and other health diseases. 

  1. Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Most people ignore the importance of a clean bathroom. It’s recommended by experts to keep your bathroom clean for preventing pest infestation or even any fungal growth. It is also important to clean your toilet seats with a disinfectant now and then. Avoid having wet shower curtains, make sure to keep them dry. Also, check if the drain in your shower or bathtub is not clogged by hair or foam. This is one of the best pest control tips and tricks to keep pests away. It is also very hygienic.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Windows Open For Too Long

Open windows are an open welcome to insects and pests. Always keep in mind to close the windows properly before leaving your house. Check for cracks near the windows or door through which these pests can enter. If you do find these small cracks then get them fixed at the earliest. Get nets on your windows if you prefer your house to be ventilated. This way is very effective to keep pests out of your house.

  1. Maintain Your Backyard

Your backyard can be the biggest source of pests. Due to the variety of plants growing there, it attracts different kinds of insects. These pests and insects can be diverted toward your house. They can be attracted by food’s smell. Keep the plants trimmed. Use proper fertilizers for your backyard. If you have a fountain or a pond then clean it regularly as mosquitos breed there. Also, stagnant water can be the reason for waterborne insects. They thrive and breed in such conditions so it is better to avoid still water in your backyard. 

  1. Call In A Professional 

Calling for professional help is one of the best pest control tips and tricks to keep pests away. The professionals know what they are dealing with. They have profound knowledge about pest removal and will also give you extensive and elaborate advice on preventing pest infestation. Pest removalists have proper equipment and strategies they follow in removing pests. There are many pest removal services with great reviews. You can search for them online or ask a friend/ family for a reference. 

  1. Clean Pest Infested Furniture Outside

It is only logical to keep the objects infested by pests outside. Any furniture like your bed, shelves, dressers, sofas etc can be a residing place for pests. Cleaning them inside might cause pests to spread over other surfaces and soon enough your house will be completely infested. Don’t bring objects that are for external use like bicycles or shoe racks inside your house. It is better to keep them in the garage.


Above are the best pest control tips and tricks to keep pests away. Hopefully, they will work out for you. One additional tip is to choose your disinfectant product or any pest control product you use, should be handled with care. Some products contain harmful chemicals which no doubt kill pests but they are also very harmful to you. Moreover, if the pest infestation is severe, it is ideal to call for a professional pest control services in Sydney.