5 Simple Signs Termites Have Infested A Home

Nowadays many people are using timber for their doors and windows. However, timber is much more costly than normal wood. Due to its costly price, some people often compromise timber with wood. Termites are very destructive and can cause severe damage to your wooden belongings. Hence calling professionals to control termites is the best decision. But you can only hire the termite removal service when you are aware of their infestation. So, in this article, we will be pointing out some common signs of termite infestation. So, read the below Signs Termites Have Infested A Home very carefully. 

Termites Have Infested A Home

5 Essential And Simple Signs Of Termites Infestation At Your Premise 

Yes, we know it is very difficult to determine a termite infestation at your property. But with the following Signs Termites Have Infested A Home, you can easily detect them. Thus some of the common signs of termite infestation are: 

  • Mud Tubes: Perhaps, one of the most common signs of termite infestation at your premise is mud tubes. Nevertheless, mud tubes are generally spread from your ground to walls. Termites use these tubes to walk through. Thus Mud Tubes are also an indicator that a termite nest is nearby. Simply breaking and cleaning them will not help in removing termites from your place. However, you can also see the mud tubes in your house garden and trees. Termites start infecting your cabinets and wooden material things. Moreover, termites can reach any level of high-rise apartments. Hence that means no building is safe in terms of termite infestation. 
  • Wood Damage: Termites are very much different from wood-boring beetles. However, many people see termites on their wooden material. Thus sometimes termites even make scratching noises on wooden doors and windows. Apart from this termites can eat the entire woods but beetles do not. Beetles only damage your wood things and furniture. Whereas termites make small holes in your wooden thing and leave it until nothing is left. Further wood dust caused by termites is much more harmful to you than normal dust. So, whenever you notice some wood damage at your premise. Then it is clear that your house is suffering from termites. Moreover, termites can even break or hollow your wooden belongings. Thus wood damages are also the Signs Termites Have Infested A Home. 
  • Stuck Doors/Windows: Yes, in most houses doors and windows are made of wood. However, doors and windows are the most common attraction for termites to infest. Thus termites can easily access wood below the floor or outside your house. Hence stuck doors are the reason for wood expansion which are due to termites. Therefore we suggest you do a regular inspection of your window and doors. Thus small holes, mud tubes and wood dust are the common signs of termite infestation. Hence react immediately when you notice the signs or find anything suspicious. 
  • Termite Mounds: Termites are not only of a single type. Moreover, there are many different types of termite species common on this planet. While some termite love living underground in the soil. And some termites infest your wooden things. Thus the species which live underground can build mounds at your place. However, termite mounds are l and close to your place which is dangerous for your premise. Moreover, these termite mounds are interconnected to the underground tunnel. 
  • Termite Swarms: Termite swarms are another important sign of their infestation. Nevertheless, termites are common during the humid seasons and in late monsoons. Thus the termite swarms with large wings can be the reason for new fresh termite colonies. The termite swarms are localised but can fly about hundred of metres. Thus termite swarms are the Signs Termites Have Infested A Home. 


Eliminating termites from your place is not as easy as removing other pests. Moreover, there is no spray or effective solution in the market to control termites. However, traditional methods of removing termite are dangerous to you and your family’s health as it includes toxic chemicals. Regardless, chemical solutions are bad for your wall and furniture too. Therefore calling an efficient staff is always the best thing to free your house from termites. Moreover, experts can treat every type of termite species easily.  Thankfully certified experts know safe and long-lasting methods to remove termites from your house. Moreover, professionals use extremely eco and family-safe solutions for controlling termites. 

Therefore as soon as you notice any of the above signs of termite infestation. Contact trained termite controllers immediately for a quick result. Moreover, professionals have modern tools for spraying the solution on the termite-infested area. Even hiring a professional termite removal service will also lessen your burden. So what are you waiting for, just hire the termite removal service as soon as possible.